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Thursday, May 10, 2007

PSYCHE: Teleseries Reviewed

Mondays: 10:00 pm Saturday :4:30 pm (Star World)

Shawn Spencer (James Roday ) is very much like an average bloke in his twenties with a charismatic persona except from the fact that he possesses an innate ability of observing and successfully retaining the minutest detail in the surroundings. But for his father, Henry (Corbin Bernsen) , this feat is the result of the training imparted, than his genes .Thanks to his razor sharp senses, he is able to pin point the culprits from the corner of an over a news bulletin while his blonde girlfriend is over him.
Spencer kept on tipping the cops while he went hop-skip and jump through the 36 jobs he took after high school until this day when the cops suspect him of being an accomplice terming his tip as an inside information. The witty Shawn however tries to convince the cops that he is psychic and bags a kidnapping case from the still skeptical chief of police. He gets his childhood buddy Gus (Dulé Hill) who reluctantly joins him on the case and then in guarding the 'psychic' secret. Spencer solves the case in a weird (dramatic) style : asking impertinent questions, hitting on the victims sister and yes, cant miss the psychic pretence. All of this drives Gus crazy getting him the fits and the viewers the drama sufficient enough to draw the un-types in for a mystery series. Later on Spencer goes on to open his Investigation agency 'PSYCHE' forging Gus' signatures to make him a partner and thereby dragging the poor chap into what could be an adventurous ride for their careers.
The series is Star World's attempt to relinquish the many detective concepts being aired by giving it a fresh perspective through the 'comic-drama' genre. Although Spencer's antics might just remind some of you of one Detective Omkar Nath (I'm not suggesting things), yet this typical American kid and his chicken hearted partner have something for you to be glued to the IB for an hour and a half.

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Whiling away my precious PL(prep leave) morning over the myriad newspapers I have subscribed to, I came across a little piece :a pseudonorm that said ”South Korea plans Code of Ethics for Robots” : The scarcely populated country which comprises of old people (unlike ours which is heavily populated with a good proportion of young blood) would have new citizens 10 years down the line. These robots would also be guarding the delicate border separating the nation with North Korea.

Recently Prof Warwick (the first man to have a chip implanted in his body) had come down to India giving a series of lectures on the importance of implanting these chips .Prof. Warwick predicts that the world will be full of robots in the next 25-50 years and so to survive , one definitely requires these chips that could keep man still superior over his creation.

So, the next-gen cool kids won’t be the one’s who’ve got pierced at odd places, but the one’s who’ll have implants at maybe even places. To add to it, they might even carry tags saying “Powered by XYZ Corp.” This seems to be an excellent brand building tool complimenting the much sought after evolution of mankind. Especially when R&D work is being done on building intelligent robots who can take their own decisions, there’s a lot more to see for the current young guns and off course their kids (that’s if they reproduce humans instead of bots)

If you haven’t sensed the sarcasm above, let me brief you about the preventive measures proposed to the much dreaded future (only witnessed in Sci-Fis): Coming back to the South Korea article, they’ve set up a team of esteemed scientists, lawyers and doctors to come up with a set of rules that would prevent android (human look alike robot) abuse and define the relationship between man and these machines. They might even consider Issac Asimov’s (sci-fi author,”I,robot”) laws laid 60 years back:
a) Robots may not injure humans or allow harm to come to them
b) Should obey orders given by humans (not overriding the above law)
c) Must protect their own existence (not overriding the above 2 laws)

It is difficult to understand how exactly these laws might be inherited if these robots are to guard a country’s border, however, I give the benefit of doubt and wait for them to come up with their set of laws.
Laws made would possibly differ among nations and might lead to the setting up of an international federation of Robotic rights and proliferation (I’d prefer a kewler name though) and the then superpower would decide the fate of this creation that may have just evolved out of the human fetish for owning slaves.

I feel I’m virtually on my way to build my first work of fiction and eventually perform a fast Fourier transform of the nightmarius-producto-hormones in side your cerebrum (or is it cerebellum?) , so preventing any further deflection on my guilt-o-meter ,I take your leave ; but do ponder.

Pseudonormicks copyright 2007
The views and opinions expressed are solely the authors's and are subjective.

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