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Thursday, December 22, 2005


Heard of Jumbo King??
Ok what about Yellow’s ??
Jay Sandwich ??
If these names sound bizarre, then probably you’re of the kind that hogs at no less than a 7-star (he he then why would you be reading this dumb blog of mine???)

# Well Vada Pav is a popular Maharashtrian fast food delicacy : the Indian counterpart of the burger. Jumbo King is a local Mumbai firm started by an MBA duo(The Guptas) who, well as they say ,”have branded Vada Pavs

# Now Yellow’s is a chip maker (not the logic base you nerd !!) .It indeed manufactures banana chips and have named themselves probably on the color of the chips. This enterprise was started by an IIM –L duo somewhere in the southern parts of India and have literally branded banana chips –
a widely popular choice amongst majority of the living human taste buds was sadly left for the roadside vendors to sell until Yellow’s took form.

# The students of RD National college, Bandra, Mumbai always envied a “JAY SANDWICH”, which was once started by a college student (of course JAY) and still is counted among the most popular sandwich vendors in the city.Many students of the neighboring colleges have been inspired and many vowed to open a”Karthik Samosa (KS)” or a “Karan bhajiya (KB)” or a ”Shreepad Vada pav(SVP)” on the lines of ‘Jay Sandwich’.

So what’s the whole fuss about ??

Three dazzling examples, the first two being laid by book smarts and the third by a street-smart who inspired several book smarts. All three examples have one thing in common (apart from the’ smartness’ and the fact that they are featured on the same blog)…
FOOD !!!
Food to satisfy hunger .. yes definitely, but also..

Well the likes of Karthik Samosas , Karan Bhajiyaas and Shreepad Vada Pavs just don’t come into existence is because these things begin to seem very petty as one gains more education and thinks about the ROI and the fame-factor of being associated with plush offices and so on. Why the fuss in this?? . Many would give an economists point of view saying that we need to grow up to get our economy big, the era of globalization has taken up, the world is shrinking where is India? Blah blah blah.

Sounds pretty cool to be concerned about one’s motherland (if not the fake patriotism then for the sake of proving that Value Education was pretty useful in school huh?) Heh!! if we really want to do something good to get our economy shaken , then it is to look into ourselves and see what the heck is our USP?? That is exactly what the 3 guys in example above did.

We indeed need to feed our minds to generate the logic that these entrepreneurs created. India’s biggest and probably the most unexplored asset is mother India itself-(the soil that these folks in Rang De Basanti wail about in the title track) Agriculture and correspondingly the opportunities in the food industry is what India is looked upon for a long period of time and it doesn’t require geniuses to explore this field. And as far as those with an urge to work in plush offices are concerned : make up something to give Frito-Lay a tough time and believe me it’d take you lesser hassles than building up a chip-manufacturing (this time it’s the logic chip mate) plant, which you’ve been dreaming off since ages.

The crème de la crème of the sound thinkers , another of India’s assets , have done enough to bring about a software revolution in the country and so have the one’s who’ve been noisy about the availability of “cheap” (I prefer cost-effective) “labor” in the country- as this has led to the rise of the BPO world off late.

If you still reading in full consciousness,(give yourself a pat on your back) and get some food- FOOD FOR THOUGHT and then go in front of the mirror to hunt for your USP !!

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