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Saturday, December 17, 2005



Roy (Bachhan) ,an invincible conman dupes a raging producer who is currently a loser because of his director-son perpetually failing to make his artists work up a good movie. He proposes and gets Simi (Priyanka) into marrying just to break up on the day of their engagement thanks to his victim ,who turns out to be Simi’s uncle. On his way to get her back, he bumps into Dittu (Ritteish) and Dr.Bhaleram ( Boman Irani) and here begins the plot. Dittu , a small time thief tries to dupe in Roy and Bhaleram just to discover that Roy actually is a Guru in the game he’s trying to play, and so he starts taking lessons in ‘connery’ from Roy. The bondage grows as the events pass and finally they’re up against the big whale- Chandrakant Parekh (Nana Patekar). The hide n seek with Chandru within the last 90 days of Roys life, who’s apparently dyeing of brain tumor, packs up the second half with a punch which suddenly loosens up at the climax :which reveals the actual ‘BLUFFMASTER’ along with several complimentary questions.

Ritteish seems to have come up a lot but is some how going to be typecast with roles like this one. Bachhan has done an amazing job and seems to be making up for his earlier movies like Refugee with every coming performance. Nana Patekar and Boman Irani were at their usual best.

The story sailed smoothly and so was the background score although there were some misfit songs. The dialogue/script writer deserves a round of applause for his witty one-liners executed perfectly by the foursome (especially Nana Patekar)All said and done ,when I walked out of the theatre, I had One Last Question:“How the hell was ‘THE MOVIE’ made??????????” To get this question (and probably its answer) you’ll have to walk into the nearest cinema hall.

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vaibhav said...

liked your earlier 'multiplex mania' post.