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Monday, February 18, 2008

Jumbo King takes on Mcdonalds

I came across this print ad over the window pane in a Churchgate fast the other day.
The print ad is from Jumbo King. The branded vada pav vendor seems
to have rolled up his sleeve to match it up with Ray Croc's networking burger franchisee. I had once spoken to Ms Gupta (founder of Jumbo King) regarding an event sponsorship and she politely declined, emphasising that they target the railway commuters and promote their brand much in and around the railway stations. I can say , they have lived upto the claim , but branded themselves around the Mcdonald's theme.

Looking at the red and yellow theme of the print ad above very few would be reminded of McDonald's, but moving ahead to the tag line "always loved it!" with an inverted "M" from McDonalds; there would be very few who would not be reminded of the burger brand that is currently using the tag line "I'm loving it!"
After 4 crore vada paavs (burp!) being sold, do we get to see another desi -multinational acquisition?

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Krish said...

surely not too creative enough as it has been unearthed by smart observation :)

Mohit said...

smart,sharp,n sorta inspiring(specially dat indian company buying an international franchise)

Vivek Khandelwal said...

this is pretty cool
think globally act locally ...
nways great post dude
m on it ....

Arun said...

Hey Nice Pic
Great work and gd creativity...
Jumbo king will surely go the distance..
For Macdonalds!!its Bharat chodho..
Jumboking will definitely accquire macdonalds one day..if Tata can accuire corus then why cant this happen..Kp it up Jumboking.. Chak de!!India!!!